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For more than a half century, O’Melveny has helped major airlines, airport owners and operators, investors, and developers achieve success in the fiercely competitive aviation business. Along the way, we and our clients have partnered to produce many of the legal breakthroughs and seminal business events that have shaped the industry.

It is this hard-earned track record that makes us the counsel of choice for the biggest names in aviation. Examples of our accomplishments include:

  • Spearheading the first post-deregulation merger of US airlines, and playing a decisive role in virtually every significant ownership change since, including the merger of Northwest and Delta, the merger of United and Continental, and the merger of US Airways and American Airlines
  • Assisting on more than 50 airport projects in the last two decades—representing more than 35 airports in nine countries, and an aggregate value of nearly US$20 billion
  • Brokering the first successful international route sale under US regulatory authorities
  • Prevailing before the US Supreme Court in the case that produced the Court’s seminal ruling on aircraft noise regulation
  • Successfully handling numerous “bet the company”-scale labor, employment, and union-related cases in federal district and appellate courts across the United States, including cases that produced many of the most significant court decisions issued to-date under the Railway Labor Act
  • Negotiating and structuring the first-ever attempted privatization of a US airport

Our value proposition is our ability to combine a deep understanding—backed by decades of in-the-field experience—of the aviation business with a sophisticated knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and market forces impacting our clients.

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