Diversity & Inclusion

O’Melveny is proud of its longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to promoting equal opportunities for all of our lawyers and staff. Our dedication is prominently reflected in the Firm’s Values Statement, in which we pledge to achieve “uncompromising excellence” by, among other things, “attracting and retaining superior and diverse talent,” and is reflected in our standing “Statement on Commitment to Diversity.”

While we are pleased that the Firm's initiatives in this area consistently earn high ratings from our own employees, as well as from outside arbiters, we remain vigilant in our efforts. We continue to pursue aggressively our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, developed through a comprehensive assessment of our policies and with input from a broad cross-section of our employees. As further evidence of the critical role diversity and inclusion plays in all aspects of Firm operations, O'Melveny has incorporated the Diversity and Inclusion Plan into the Firmwide Strategy and Goals, codifying it as one of the Firm’s ongoing strategic priorities.

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