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Entertainment and Media Litigation

Few firms, if any, in the United States can equal the experience and practice depth we bring to difficult, high-profile entertainment and media disputes. Our practice began in the early 1930s, during Hollywood’s Golden Age, when we represented performing legends such as Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart, and industry leaders such as Paramount Pictures, CBS, and The Walt Disney Studios.

The pioneers of that era trained a second generation of firm partners who specialized in entertainment industry disputes, and when those partners moved into positions of industry leadership in and outside the firm, those they trained now practice on both coasts, with the largest and most experienced group of partners, counsel, and associates in the industry.

In the decades since our founding, and continuing to the present, our client base and involvement in the most challenging disputes has been unmatched. We have represented every major studio and television network, dozens of household-name performers, leading financiers and independent distributors, the major trade associations, and even the United States Congress. Our rich history gives us an unparalleled perspective on the entertainment landscape and a keen understanding of the importance of tailoring innovative strategies to the needs of each case or controversy.

Today, our experience and insights are called on to lead clients through not only the frequently trodden battlegrounds, but through the uncharted waters flowing from rapid innovations in technology, which dramatically influence content creation and distribution. Emerging products and platforms give rise to novel legal disputes in areas such as intellectual property, contracts, and the First Amendment, requiring companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and creative artists to seek legal counsel with experience, proven ability, and creativity to defend their interests in such a fluid environment.

Key Facts

  • Chambers USA 2013 noted that clients applaud our "strong litigation team" and find our lawyers "very responsive and proactive.”
  • Our litigators are routinely named to Variety’s Legal Impact Report and The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Lawyers List.
  • In Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. v. Grokster Ltd. (MGM v. Grokster), the United States Supreme Court unanimously cited our theory of the case in ruling that the motion picture and music industries can sue web site operators and distributors of peer-to-peer application software for copyright infringement if they “actively induce” end-users to engage in piracy of copyrighted content.
  • Our extensive experience in “net profits” accounting cases is widely acknowledged. We have handled more of these cases, and more high-profile and high-value cases in this area than any other firm. Our pre-trial and trial victories for Warner Bros. against the executive producers of Batman and Batman Returns on their accounting claims resulted in a zero recovery for the plaintiffs. We also defended New Line Cinema in separate contract and accounting disputes on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, including the suit by the films’ writers-producers-director Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh.
  • When Congress sought to preserve its authority to safeguard copyrights to many of America’s most beloved creative works by enacting the Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA), O’Melveny was engaged by the bipartisan leadership of the House of Representatives to respond to constitutional challenges to the proposed legislation. We prepared an amicus brief for the US Supreme Court—the lone friend-of-the-court brief cited in the majority opinion—which agreed with our argument that the challenge raised nothing more than a policy disagreement with Congress’ judgment.

Practice Strengths

  • Accounting for "Gross" and "Net" Participations and Royalties
  • Antitrust
  • Business Disputes
  • Class Actions
  • Content Creation, Promotion, Distribution, and Exhibition
  • Copyright, Trademark, Trade Dress, and Anti-Piracy
  • Employment
  • False Advertising
  • First Amendment
  • Governmental Investigations and Regulatory Proceedings (including Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice)
  • Libel
  • Personal Services Agreements
  • Rights of Privacy and Publicity
  • Talent "Walk-Outs" and Related "7-Year" Rule Disputes
  • Unfair Competition, Including Lanham Act and California 17200 and 17500 Actions

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