O’Melveny’s antitrust lawyers leverage their well-honed trial and litigation skills and work closely with renowned economists and consultants to defend clients accused of criminal antitrust violations, oppose challenges to mergers brought by the DOJ or FTC, and represent clients in private litigation, including precedent-setting price-fixing and monopolization cases, in federal and state courts. Our advocacy and antitrust victories have set legal precedents, changed industry landscapes, and shaped antitrust policy worldwide.

Expert Testimony

Cartel cases often hinge on expert testimony. At O’Melveny we have close ties to many of the world’s leading economists, including some of the most prominent industrial organization economists in the world, such as the dean at one of the world’s most renowned business schools, and former deputy assistant attorneys general for economics at the DOJ Antitrust Division, the top economist in the Antitrust Division.

Beyond Class Actions

Our litigation experience goes well beyond cartel class actions. For example, we represented Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in a global fight against Intel Corporation for monopolizing the x86-microprocessor industry through scare tactics and coercion. With litigation and investigations spanning the US, EU, and Asia, O’Melveny helped AMD secure important victories, and we eventually settled the long-running litigation for US$1.25 billion — one of the largest settlements ever achieved in antitrust litigation by a single plaintiff — and Intel’s agreement to a series of game-changing reforms of its marketplace behavior and rights to Intel’s patent portfolio.

    • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    • Asiana Airlines
    • Capital One Financial Corporation
    • Honeywell International 
    • Norsk Hydro ASA 
    • Precision Castparts Corporation
    • Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
    • SanDisk Corporation
    • SK Hynix Inc.