Community service has never been an afterthought at O’Melveny. The drive to do better, be better, and make the world better is part of our very fabric.

Throughout our offices, Community Involvement Committees identify and organize events, drives, and fundraisers to make a difference in our local neighborhoods and the world at large. These efforts can take the form of a firmwide donation-driven “jeans day” in support of a community hit hard by a natural disaster, preparing meals at a local soup kitchen, or participating in a beach clean-up. While the activities are ever changing, they always reflect the causes and issues that have touched our colleagues’ hearts.

In 2017, the firm launched the “Giving Back” program as a new expression of O’Melveny’s longstanding support for public service and volunteerism. This program allows employees to take one paid day off every year to volunteer with a nonprofit organization devoted to a cause that is important to them. For anyone who knows O’Melveny and its culture of caring, it will come as no surprise that staff have embraced the opportunity to give back, with close to 100 O’Melveny employees from around the globe logging in excess of 800 volunteer hours at more than 40 nonprofit organizations in the program’s first four years.