Helping Our Clients and Communities

Diversity & Inclusion: Taking Action

Joining O’Melveny: Achieve More

Innovation at Work

Partnering with Hollywood: The Value of Strategic Litigation

Partnering with Hollywood: The Value of the Strategic Deal

Cyber Trends: The Technology Supply Chain

The California Consumer Privacy Act is Here: Getting Your House in Order Before Enforcement

Daniel Suvor: State Attorneys General Practice

The 'It’s Complicated' Podcast: How the Biden Administration Will Impact Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The 'It’s Complicated' Podcast: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace

The Cramdown Podcast: Understanding Brazilian Bankruptcy Law—Opportunities, Innovations, and Impact

The Cramdown Podcast: Financial Distress in Higher Education

The Cramdown Podcast: The Commercial Real Estate Market—Ground Zero of the 2020 Pandemic Recession

Meet Our New Partners: Vincent Zhou

Edwin Kwok: Hong Kong Capital Markets Update

Amy Laurendeau: Pharmaceutical Bellwether Trial

Momentum: Classification Issues

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Momentum: How Does a Company's Choice of Early Stage Investors Affect Investors in Later Rounds?

Momentum: Non Competes and Trade Secrets

Momentum: What Should Companies Consider When Putting Together Their Stock Option Plans?

Momentum: How Should Companies That Are Expanding Internationally Approach Privacy Issues?

Momentum: What Should Companies Do to Prepare for an IPO?

Momentum: What Should Companies Consider Before Making a Cross-Border Investment?

O'Melveny's Commitment to Veterans

Solly's Story

Rich Goetz: Life Sciences

Matthew Close: Litigation Highlight

Katrina Robson: Litigation Highlight – American Airlines

Jon Hacker: Lawrence v. Texas

Catalina Vergara: Financial Services

Jonathan Rosenberg: Securities Litigation

Katrina Robson: Antitrust and Competition

Matthew Close: Practice Spotlight

Eric Richards: Aviation

Jennifer Taylor: Corporate Finance

Jon Hacker: Appellate Litigation

Jeeho Lee: Capital Markets

Podcast: Damali Taylor: “Why Not You?”

Podcast: Diversity & Inclusion at O’Melveny

Podcast: Breaking Down a Pro Bono Reproductive Rights Trial in Arkansas

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