Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2017 Summer Internship & 2019 Trainee Solicitor Program

How will you choose the law firm where you begin your career? Its international presence? The reputation of its lawyers? The quality of its work? The training it provides? 

At O’Melveny, we provide opportunities for the best and brightest lawyers to do the most sophisticated and exciting legal work available. They will work alongside some of the most seasoned leaders in the industry including former in-house lawyers at prestigious investment banks, private equity firms, Fortune500 corporations, various high-level US government posts, among others. From private equity transactions to cross-border litigation, from high profile securities offerings to complex large scale mergers and acquisitions or restructurings, our practice spans the globe and, at the same time, helps our local communities. 

We have one of the most innovative talent development program of the international law firms and are committed to providing interns and trainees with a realistic experience of what it’s like to practice law. After working with the firm's partners on serious assignments for real clients, you will appreciate that being a lawyer is hard work, but we anticipate you will also discover it is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose.

    • Summer Interns: 5 to 6
    • Trainee Solicitors: 2 to 3 
    • Summer Placement 2017: January 15, 2017; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until all vacancies are filled
    • Training Contract 2019: Applications via internship program; applications close when vacancies are filled 

Beijing and Shanghai