Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2023 Summer Internship & 2025 Trainee Solicitor Program

Exciting development and career opportunities

We understand and believe that our ability to continually attract the best and brightest legal talent is absolutely central to our future success as one of the world’s leading law firms. Therefore, it is our goal to see you succeed and to help you do so through our internship/trainee program. Learn more in our Program Overview.

Exposure to a wide array of experiences and opportunities

We do our best to help you learn as much as you can and expose you to as many different types of law as possible during the internship/trainee program. Our goal is to give you substantive work opportunities including pro bono work, and teach you what it means to be an “O’Melveny lawyer”. A central element of being an “O’Melveny lawyer” is abiding by our firm’s strongly held values: “Excellence, Leadership and Citizenship”.

Training and mentoring 
Training is an important aspect of our internship/trainee program. The goal of the mentors is to ensure that you have a meaningful experience. 
  • Summer Interns: 4 to 6 
  • Trainee Solicitors: 2 to 3 
  • Summer Placement 2023: Applications open 3 October 2022 and close 10 January 2023; applications are considered on a rolling basis and early submissions are encouraged.
  • Trainee Contracts 2025: Applications via internship program; ongoing, until all vacancies are filled.
How to apply
To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter and a copy of your academic transcript to asiaattyresumes@omm.com.

Beijing and Shanghai