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What do you hope to achieve as a summer associate?

  • Interesting Work? O’Melveny summer associates are paired with a lawyer who facilitates substantive assignments.
  • Skills Training? O’Melveny summer associates gain hands-on experience as members of case and deal teams and participate in robust training programs on topics that include negotiations, brief writing, oral arguments, and deposition techniques.
  • Lasting Bonds? O’Melveny summer associates form bonds and lasting relationships with mentors, future colleagues, and each other.
  • Community Involvement? O’Melveny summer associates get involved in pro bono matters and volunteer efforts to support our commitment to those in need.

Our consistently high rankings in Vault's survey of the “Best Summer Programs” confirms that O’Melveny provides opportunities to fuel great careers. Some attorneys spend their entire careers at O’Melveny and others explore opportunities clerking or in government or public service. O’Melveny considers short- and long-term career goals and provides support every step of the way.

The Recruitment Process

Our process is designed to help us get to know each other better. Through the screening and interview processes, we assess skills and experiences and look for candidates who embody our firm values and will contribute to our culture. Law students will first participate in a screen followed by a callback interview with several attorneys that typically lasts 2-3 hours. Candidates are notified about the status of their candidacy as soon as possible following callback visits.

One of the more unique and innovative aspects of our recruitment process is a tool that looks beyond traditional methods of assessment and focuses on a candidate’s true potential to succeed. Pymetrics employs AI to anonymously assess a participant’s social, cognitive, and emotional traits against a unique O’Melveny success model built from the traits of our associates, providing an additional “blind” evaluation to be considered along with resumes, grades, and interviews. We recognized Pymetrics as an innovative way to mitigate the implicit biases that can naturally occur during the recruiting process, and are proud to be the first law firm to have taken this step.