O’Melveny considers beyond the traditional metrics of resumes and grades and focuses on your true potential to succeed.

We are achieving this through Pymetrics, a game-based recruiting tool that helps us assess a candidate’s social, cognitive, and behavioral features, such as attention, planning, flexibility, and memory. It evaluates future success by comparing a candidate’s results to a unique, debiased O’Melveny success model built for the associate role. The games are very different from other online assessments. You cannot win or lose the games. There are no right or wrong answers. What matters is how you play the games—generating the behavior-based data that is collected and analyzed.

Pymetrics then provides the degree of match each candidate has to our associate profile. Candidates’ results are generated without taking into account race, ethnicity, or gender. This new additional data point offers information about candidates’ potential for success at O’Melveny, while also helping to override the implicit biases that naturally occur during the recruiting process.

The Pymetrics match band is one of four components of our application (resume, transcript, and interview feedback being the others).

If you’d like to learn more about Pymetrics and how we are using it in the application process, you can listen to the O’Melveny Podcast episode on Pymetrics.