Litigation Stemming from Fires

We have significant experience representing clients in litigation and investigations stemming from fires, including representing:

  • An aerospace company in litigation arising out of a fatal fire aboard an L-1011 aircraft in Saudi Arabia, the largest single-aircraft accident at the time.  After several months of trial, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury unanimously found in favor of the company.
  • An oil refining company in criminal enforcement and civil litigation arising out of a series of fires at its refinery.  We also represented the company in complex environmental litigation in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging the company and others were responsible for unlawful releases of chemicals into the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach from the handling, transporting, and storing of petroleum coke.  
  • A utility company in an appeal in which the court affirmed the utility's position that the rules of strict product liability do not apply to the facilities of an electric utility, after downed electric power lines were believed to have started a fire that consumed 200 homes.
  • A home remodeling retailer in an government investigation of alleged violations of fire code, hazardous waste, and hazardous materials laws by the California Attorney General’s office, resulting in the settlement of US$7 billion in penalties sought for less than US$10 million.