Mentor Graphics Corporation

O’Melveny secured another victory for Mentor Graphics Corp., a maker of electronic design automation software and hardware, when a Federal Circuit panel affirmed a US$36 million verdict and a permanent injunction against Synopsys Inc. in a long-running patent dispute. The patent in question was invented by a former Mentor Graphics employee who left to found Emulation and Verification Engineering S.A., which was later acquired by Synopsys. After O’Melveny represented Mentor in a nine-day trial in Oregon federal court, it took the jury less than four hours of deliberation to find infringement of all asserted claims and award our client US$36 million in damages. Following the verdict, our team additionally secured a permanent injunction against the defendants. O’Melveny again went to bat for Mentor on appeal and convinced the Federal Circuit court to affirm the jury’s finding that Mentor’s patent was infringed and that the damage award was appropriate. The appellate court also found that the district court wrongly barred Mentor from asserting two additional patents, erred in invalidating a fourth, and wrongly prevented O’Melveny’s client from arguing that Synopsys' infringement was willful. This tremendous result grants Mentor an opportunity to argue that Synopsys willfully infringed, which could potentially triple the damages award, and will give Mentor the opportunity allege infringement of three more patents in addition to the one at issue in the first trial.