O’Melveny achieved a jury victory for Semtech subsidiary Triune Systems in trade secret litigation in Texas state court. Triune was the plaintiff in the complicated case, which covered more than 70 asserted trade secrets. The case involved an unusual Texas procedure called a summary jury trial. The one-day trial was presented to two jury panels, each of which found defendants liable and awarded substantial damages in the millions of dollars, with one jury awarding punitive damages. As part of the Texas procedure, O’Melveny also mediated with the defendants. After the verdicts and extensive negotiations, the defendants agreed to a settlement on terms substantially more favorable to our client than the defendants had previously offered. Semtech was “deeply grateful” for the O’Melveny team’s “long hours, wise counsel, and great service,” and indicated that the advantageous settlement terms would not have been reached without the successful outcome of the summary jury trial.