Spirit Airlines

O'Melveny obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for Spirit Airlines prohibiting Spirit pilots from disrupting Spirit’s operations. In May 2017, Spirit’s pilots began a work slowdown that caused approximately 300 flight cancellations from May 1 - May 8 and disrupted the travel plans of tens of thousands of Spirit customers, while causing Spirit to incur approximately US$8.5 million in lost revenue. With just days to prepare, O’Melveny filed a Complaint and Motion for a TRO and Preliminary Injunction to end the illegal work slowdown. The federal court in the Southern District of Florida granted the TRO the very next morning, without a hearing and without even waiting for a response from the union. In the face of O’Melveny’s filing, the union chose not to contest the TRO and agreed to extend the injunction indefinitely.