The O’Melveny community mourns the untimely loss of our associate Bhavreet Singh Gill.

Bhavreet will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure to work with him—in Silicon Valley and across the firm.

Bhavreet was one of our top corporate associates. Collaborative and creative beyond his years, he worked on some of O’Melveny’s most high-profile deals. Bhavreet brought great energy and wisdom to every matter and mentored many other team members too. And, in true O’Melveny fashion, he won the complete trust of his clients, many of whom thought of him as their lawyer.

Not only a gifted lawyer, Bhavreet was an incredibly kind and warm person. He contributed to the life of our firm in countless ways, and was active in a wide range of pro bono matters. He also volunteered with the Legal Aid Society, the International Refugee Assistance Project, and other organizations doing important work. Bhavreet embodied the firm’s highest ideals.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bhavreet’s family and friends at this difficult time. A Memorial Fund has been established to assist his family in the wake of their devastating loss.

Bhavreet’s extraordinary life will be commemorated on October 24. The service will be live-streamed. More information can be found at bhavreet.com.

Below, we will be posting tributes in Bhavreet’s memory from across the extended O’Melveny community. If you would like to contribute, please submit your thoughts here. Thank you for joining us in remembering Bhavreet and the many reasons he was so special to us all.

“It still hard for me to come to grips with the fact that Bhavreet has moved on. He was such a kind soul. In his work, I never saw him get flustered or angry. He never panicked, he never cut corners and he was incredibly hardworking. He owned his mistakes and learned from them. Bhavreet was the ideal associate, was already a great lawyer and had such a bright practice in front of him. But more important than Bhavreet, the lawyer, was Bhavreet the person. He had an impeccable character and was amazingly caring and conscientious. I enjoyed every interaction I had with him -- and there were many given that his office was one door away from mine. I even enjoyed commiserated over Cal football with him during their annual collapses. I wish that I'd gotten to know him more on a deeper level outside of the office. I know I'd have learned quite a bit from him. Even so, I think we all looked up to him, whether we were older than him, or had been practicing law for more years than him. I know that I have tried and will continue to emulate his demeanor and kindness and his levelheadedness (but not his Laker fandom!). Rest in peace, Bhavreet. You are already sorely missed and will forever continue to be.”

- Paul Sieben, Silicon Valley Managing Partner

“The news of Bhavreet’s passing is just starting to set in, as is the extent of the loss this tragedy will have on us. I could write pages about Bhavreet, but here are a few thoughts. First, there was Bhavreet’s excellence as a lawyer. He never missed a detail, and he thought through every issue, backwards and forwards. He was tireless in his commitment to his craft, and his work ethic was incredible. He gained the trust of his clients and co-workers in everything he worked on. He was a fierce negotiator, but always delivering his message with the utmost professionalism, never getting ruffled. He was committed to service, active in a variety of pro bono activities. Only a fourth year associate, he was often mistook for a much more seasoned lawyer. Mostly I will remember Bhavreet’s wonderful personality. He was in so many ways of the ‘glue’ of our office—a friend to all, a mentor to those who followed him. I will remember his smile, and how he never seemed to have a bad day. I will remember his commitment to our office and to his colleagues. I will remember his commitment to his faith and the grace by which he lived his values. Bhavreet was from California’s Central Valley near Modesto. The first in his family to earn a college degree, topping it off with Columbia law school. He was a passionate supporter of Cal Football. Through all of his successes he remained a 'California kid'—always true to himself. He represented the best of us, the best we could be. How could such a bright light be taken from us, so untimely? It all seems so unfair. We must honor Bhavreet by living his values and if we do that we will keep his memory alive.”

- David Makarechian, Partner

“As a first time founder, being able to rely on Bhavreet having my back has been an incredible privilege. He was always there to support us, always went the extra mile and always felt like he was a part of our team. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues.”

- Stuart Kearney, Co-Founder, Lustre

“I first met Bhavreet at a Blue Cedar board meeting in OMM's San Francisco office in late 2017. Since then, he worked on the numerous corporate milestones that we've navigated through as a company in a calm, dependable & and thoroughly professional manner. I never got round to building a personal relationship with Bhavreet. I wish I had been blessed with the experience of getting to know him better, not just as a skilled corporate counsel, but as a man. Reading about his life's arc since I heard the shocking news about his passing has been a truly inspirational and deeply moving experience for me. Bhavreet—profuse thanks for everything. My deepest condolences to all of your loved ones.”

- John Aisien, CEO, Blue Cedar

“I had the privilege of working with Bhavreet since we started our company last year. He was a warm and kind person and I had fond memories of meeting with him at OMM’s Sand Hill office while we were registering our company. He was a great lawyer and he helped us so much with navigating through all the legal complexities of running a startup company. I was exchanging emails with him until last week. I am still in shock. Our employees and I are deeply sorry for his loss and he will be greatly missed. May his soul Rest In Peace!

- Seetharam Param, CEO, ReleaseIQ.io Inc

“Ekta and I had Bhavreet as one of the esteemed speakers for the U First Capital legal workshop held at University of California Santa Cruz building in Santa Clara in Sept 2019 (photos are shared here). He gave an excellent detailed presentation and provided a lot of advice to a room filled with entrepreneurs. I am sure his thoughts will reverberate in their minds and will service as the guiding light in their startup journeys. Bhavreet came across to the audience as a very humble, polite, and helpful person. We were thinking of having him come back as a speaker and do another legal session for the startups. He will always be missed.”

- Ekta Dang and Sanjit Singh Dang, Founders of U First Capital

“I first met Bhavreet while he was a student at Columbia Law School - and we would go for walks around the neighborhood in Harlem. I was happy to see a Sikh studying law at one of the nation's top law schools and was a sounding board to him on topics from law school to life; he became a young brother who very quickly earned my respect. I remember how happy he was upon receiving the opportunity with O'Melveny and recall explaining to him why I thought corporate law would be a better career path for him than civil litigation. He was delighted - partly because of the realization that his hard work bore the fruit of securing an associate position at a top corporate law firm (O'Melveny must be commended for giving minorities like Bhavreet equal opportunity), and the other part because he was just thrilled to get out of NYC (which he hated!) and finally able to return to California. He was all about family and the West Coast. For those who wanted to know Bhavreet on a deeper level, my humble opinion is that he had three parts to his infectious personality - all rooted in the fundamental teachings of Guru Nanak - which is what made him so special to you and each of us. The first was to work hard with honesty and integrity ('kirit karo'). Paul Sieben said it perfectly in his tribute when he said Bhavreet was ‘ a kind soul, never got flustered, panicked or angry, was humble enough to accept mistakes and was incredibly hard-working, caring and had impeccable character.’ That much right there would take the average person a lifetime or more to achieve. The second part of him, as subsequently pointed out by David Makarechian, was that Bhavreet ‘was committed to service’ and was a graceful and active member of the broader community (which is the second principle of Guru Nanak, eg. 'vand-ke-chako' or to share your success/time/earnings with others). Beyond the educational, material and worldly success, was the third and principle teaching of Nanak which propelled Bhavreet to want to evolve higher - to meditate, go within and connect with the inner Spirit (referred to as 'Naam Japo'). Bhavreet understood that there is a deeper purpose in life, and he was interested in discovering that 'something more' that few realize in their limited existence in this world. And this is the part I will miss the most. Bhavreet was a real disciple and yearned for connection with the Creative Spirit that binds all of us in some way. I am thankful for my time together with such a positive and inspiring individual. Bhavreet was a gem and a blessing to his family, his community, his friends from Berkeley, Columbia, O'Melveny and all of the others who came into contact with him and were able to, for a brief moment only, feel the genuine warmth of his personality. Good-bye friend - sending you my love and prayers.”

- Sartaj Dhillon, friend, fellow lawyer, entrepreneur

“I worked opposite Bhavreet on two transactions this year. I had every intention of trying to poach him to our firm later this month. He was an excellent corporate lawyer who treated everyone with respect and conducted himself with great composure. And his intelligence and skill was palpable to anyone. As an Indian myself, I was very proud to see a practicing Sikh excel at the very top of our profession. It’s not easy at all, but he did it with ease. He was a shining example and knowingly or unknowingly had a tremendous impact on people around him. I was secretly proud from afar and I’m sorry I never expressed it.

- Rishab Kumar, Cooley LLP

“Bhavreet and I were opposing counsel in a recent M&A transaction, and throughout it all he epitomized wisdom and class, even when we disagreed on certain issues. Bhavreet was a gentleman and a true professional, and the legal community could use more people like him. My thoughts go out to his family, friends and colleagues.”

- David A. Saltzman, Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

“Bhavreet was an extremely gifted lawyer and a joy to work with, but more importantly, he was a kind, gentle and warm-hearted person who everyone liked and whom we will miss dearly. While we did not see each other very often as we were in different offices, I was fortunate to have worked regularly with Bhavreet over the past 4 years. Indeed, even in his first year, he stood out to me because of his strong work ethic, attention to details, and calm but professional demeanor. Through the years, we continued to work together for one of my key clients. While the in-house legal team never met Bhavreet, they considered him a core part of their team, and they were “absolutely heartbroken” about his recent passing. As conveyed by the General Counsel to me earlier this week: “Please give our condolences to his family and let them know how much we appreciated everything he did on our behalf.” This just shows how much of a positive influence that Bhavreet had on others - even those whom he never met in person. Personally, I always enjoyed our casual chats about non-work matters—whether over the phone or during my visits to the Silicon Valley office. I can still remember our first lunch together at Lutticken’s in Menlo Park, where we shared a common bond based on our undergrad experiences at UC Berkeley (including our mutual suffering as Cal sports fans). Moreover, we talked about our respective (yet vastly different) experience growing up as children of Asian immigrants and being first-generation lawyers. Bhavreet’s journey from Central California to Berkeley, Columbia Law and O’Melveny was certainly noteworthy, but the way he lived his life and his devotion to his family was even more inspiring. My sincere condolences to his family. May you rest in peace, Bhavreet.”

- Tony Wang, Partner

“It was such a pleasure to work with Bhavreet. He was truly special and unique in his kindness, positive energy, and warmth, all while being an incredibly diligent and brilliant attorney. He brightened the entire environment at the firm with his smile and gentle nature. He was never off the course of his calm ways even in the most stressful or tense of circumstances. He truly was a breath of fresh air, much like the nature and outdoors he loved so much. He will be missed and his loss is of the greatest magnitude.”

- Hilary St. Jean, Rogoway Law Group

“It is hard to put into words what Bhavreet meant to me. He was my ‘official’ mentor when I joined OMM in 2017, but he quickly became much more than that. Bhavreet and I cultivated a friendship over many dinners during late nights at the office. In fact, we regularly timed our Doordash deliveries so that we could break for dinner at the same time. During my first year at the office, I think I shared more dinners with Bhavreet than anyone in my personal life. We discussed and traded views on many topics, including religion, sports, work, family, relationships, and the outdoors, among others. Through those discussions, we identified and contemplated the differences in our cultural, religious and social upbringings, of which there were many. Despite those differences, we also discovered so many things that we had in common, one of which was our mutual love for family, which was something I most admired about Bhavreet. Bhavreet was always someone who was interested in others' out-of-work lives. He regularly encouraged all of us to take vacation and to focus more on our personal lives. In return, he only wanted to share in the joy that our personal lives brought to us. That made him a true friend to all of us. Personally, I have tried to emulate Bhavreet for the last three years, in both my personal and professional lives. He was a tremendous lawyer and exemplified the best of O'Melveny for its junior associates. I will continue to try to follow in his footsteps, and I hope to make him proud. Bhavreet had the most fantastic sense of humor, a calming presence, a yearning to understand, and the truest of intentions. While his time with us was cut far too short, I am incredibly grateful for the time that we did have, and I will cherish his memory forever.”

- AJ Talt, Associate

“I miss you man. You were such a great friend. You were willing to help out at a moment's notice. When I didn't have any support for one of my deals, you called me up and collected a group of Silicon Valley associates to help me out, all on your own. That was when you were a second year lawyer. You demonstrated a level of understanding of what it means to be a colleague and team member far beyond your years. But you were more than just your work. You and I always tried to find time to catch up at the end of the week with a phone call or chat session to discuss the goings-on, weekend plans, whether we had cooked anything good recently, when we were going to take that next vacation, etc. You always found time to ask me about my son Edison and how he was doing, whether he was walking, talking, playing, or getting into trouble. You demonstrated an interest in my life that true friends have. I only met you in-person once, but I knew you for 4 years, which wasn't enough. Thanks for being my friend and colleague.”

- Tom Oslovar, Counsel

“I never had the fortune of meeting Bhavreet in person, but when I was trying to figure out whether I should join the firm, his picture on the firm directory practically made the decision for me. As someone who also wears her faith on her sleeve, seeing the amount of accomplishments associated with Bhavreet's name told me something about the type of lawyer Bhavreet was and the values also that OMM stands for. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

- Monsura A. Sirajee, Associate

“I will miss Bhavreet. He was smart, kind and always carried on with a smile. I feel very fortunate having been able to work with him on a number of deals. He was a great attorney. Every fall, I would enjoy our conversations on Pac 12 college football, and which team might make it to the Rose Bowl. I truly believe Bhavreet made our office a great place to work. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Bhavreet.”

- Randolph A. Silva, Senior Paralegal

“Bhavreet stood out from the very moment we met as summer associates. He was kind, he was funny, he cared and he laughed A LOT. Oh, and not to mention his optimism and positivity which was off the charts (I’m pretty sure it just beamed from his soul at all times honestly). From then on we always made a point to keep to touch here and there as we have grown up at OMM and we would visit one another whenever we visited each other's offices. He was a gem. He was the coolest. He was and will always be one of the greats.”

- Maiah H. Parks, Associate

“I had the outstanding good fortune to meet Bhavreet when he was a summer associate and we stayed closely connected over the years. Bhavreet and I made it a point to get together whenever I was visiting the Bay Area. We recruited together at Columbia and served together on various panels and presentations. Bhavreet was a lovely, warm and generous human being. A bright light. I am heartbroken at this terrible, tragic loss and will always celebrate and remember Bhavreet fondly. Rest in peace, my friend. We will all miss you.”

- Jim Moore, Director of Career Development

“Although I am based in the firm’s Shanghai office, far away from Bhavreet, I took notice of his career as Bhavreet often worked on international matters beyond traditional Valley work, even working with the China team this year on a financing for one of our most important Asia-based pharmaceutical clients. It's hard to explain, but seeing him pulled into matters like that reflected his shining ability, and the trust partners and other colleagues had in him, and the reputation he built. I also sense that Bhavreet pushed himself to achieve constantly, and to get the most out of life overall, which he was doing. Bhavreet should not be gone now but, to his parents and other family who shaped him into the man he was, you did something remarkable and that achievement is not lost with Bhavreet's passing, no matter how painful this is. We all will continue to miss him, and continue to admire him and your family.”

- Chris Schob, Director of Asia Practice Management and Business Development

I never met Bhavreet in person, but worked with him on many deals. He was, of course, smart and a great lawyer, but what stood out to me was his kindness and sense of humor. I am very sad we won't work together again, but will remember fondly his work ethic and collegiality.

Courtney Dyer, Partner

“I did not know Bhavreet but it seemed like he was involved in almost every success coming out of the SV office. He was so representative of the values that OMM stands for. His loss is truly tragic and I mourn with those who worked closely with him. This is horrible loss for the OMM family especially those in the tight-knit SV office. My thoughts are with all of you.”

- Melissa Algaze, Content Coordinator

Bhavreet was a real pleasure to work with. I assisted him occasionally when he needed administrative support. He was always kind and approachable; an overall good person to be around. I will miss working with him and our short conversations in the cafe. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

- Robin Robledo, Assistant

“I unfortunately never got to meet Bhavreet in person, but was on many calls with him across several deals in the last couple of years. Even over the phone, he stood out. He was very sharp—I was so surprised to learn he was just a fourth year. But what struck me more was how pleasant he was and what a great teammate he was. I am so very sorry for all of his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

- Courtney C. Byrd, Partner

“When Bhavreet came to SF, he made sure to stop by each of our offices to say hello. He didn't just wave from the doorway. He came in, sat down with a big smile, and was ready to really connect. Losing him has shook our very core.”

- Elizabeth B. Gimzewski, Associate