Numerous Outlets Report O’Melveny is Best Firm to Work For, According to Vault.com

July 13, 2016

Numerous media outlets, including ABA Journal, Bloomberg Big Law Business, Forbes and Law360, recently reported that O’Melveny took the top spot on Vault.com’s list of the 2017 Best Law Firms to Work For, based on the career website’s annual survey on associate quality of life in the workplace, including job satisfaction, work house, firm culture, leadership transparency, and substantive work. As Law360 reported in its July 13, 2016 story “This Big Law Firm Named Best to Work For,” an O’Melveny associate told Vault that the firm “has a culture of caring about each other and truly seeing our work together as a team activity.”

An ABA Journal story published July 11, 2016 noted that O’Melveny was recently ranked among Yale Law Women’s 10 most family-friendly law firms. The list is based on firm policies relating to part-time and flex-time schedules, parental leave, gender equity, billing requirements, and professional development opportunities.