American Lawyer Quotes Drummond Hansen, Orr on New Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

September 19, 2017

In a September 13, 2017, American Lawyer article, “Trump’s Autonomous Car Guidance Puts Automakers in Driver’s Seat,” O’Melveny partner Melody Drummond Hansen and associate Jason Orr highlight new federal guidance for autonomous vehicle manufacturers. 

According to Drummond Hansen, the new guidance still leaves room for states to regulate in areas such as auto insurance and liability. 

“Regardless of what the feds do, these are going to be issues that companies are going to continue to face on a state-by-state basis,” Drummond Hansen said. 

Orr pointed to the change in the data privacy guidelines. 

“It’s de-emphasized a bit, although there’s still language on cybersecurity to a lesser extent,” Orr said.

Drummond Hansen is an experienced litigator specializing in intellectual property and technology who has tried cases in federal and state courts, the US International Trade Commission, and the US Patent & Trademark Office. Orr’s diverse practice includes complex and class-action litigation on unfair competition, products liability, and employment matters, as well as advising clients on environmental and natural resource matters.