American Lawyer: Spread of Autonomous Vehicle Technology Fosters Opportunities for Lawyers

December 06, 2018

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution supporting regulatory changes that would promote the use new transportation technologies, particularly autonomous vehicles.

“States, cities, and counties have been huge leaders in creating space for AV innovators to responsibly develop, test, and deploy AV technologies,” said Melody Drummond Hansen, a partner in O’Melveny’s Intellectual Property and Technology practice.

“We’re going to have to work through the right ways to address who can collect and use data, what data can be used for, and what disclosures need to be made about the collection and use,” Hansen said.

“There will be issues around how private and how secure an AV product is,” Hansen said. “We can expect a lot more scrutiny from regulators, attorneys general and state actors, and also the product liability bar, of the ways people are communicating.”