Bloomberg Law: Big Law Pro Bono Takes on ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Restrictions

六月 17, 2019

Nearly two months after Mississippi adopted one of the most-restrictive abortion laws in the nation, a number of law firms are working with reproductive rights groups to stop such new restrictions from taking effect across the country. One firm that consistently provides pro bono assistance in court is O’Melveny & Myers.

Abortion related cases have grown increasingly fact-based in recent years, making the participation of law firms even more critical. Leah Godesky, a partner at O’Melveny & Myers, said, “The cases that O’Melveny has been taking on have picked up in recent years. Right now it just kind of seems like every day we’re putting out new fires.”

For instance, O’Melveny & Myers recently helped the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project defeat a similar abortion bill in Kentucky, and won a temporary restraining order against the state’s six-week abortion ban.

The firm is also working alongside the Center for Reproductive Rights, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood to block a number of specific restrictions on clinics providing abortion services (also referred to as TRAP laws) in Virginia. “It’s been a really discovery heavy case, the kind of thing that O’Melveny loves to sink our teeth into,” said Godesky.

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