Bloomberg Law: ‘Saint Constance’ Fixes the Unfixable as Patron of Lost Pensions

四月 25, 2019

In the five years Constance Donovan has served as the congressionally mandated participant and plan sponsor advocate at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), she has been a “lifeline” to pension holders and employers. Constance’s team responds to pleas within 24 hours and has revived legal cases that have gone cold for years. Donovan continuously finds ways to get benefits for people wrongly denied by the PBGC.

O’Melveny staff attorney and PBGC alumnus Damarr Butler said Donovan sometimes lets employers complain to her about ongoing negotiations and intervenes in pending matters. “It wasn’t like anything would be brewing,” he said. “And then immediately the kettle is boiling over.” Regardless, Butler said Donovan’s presence immediately upped the stakes. “Whatever the size of the case, she gets involved and instantly senior management is aware of it and there’s a heightened sense of urgency, whether it was needed or not,” he said.

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