Bunnell Discusses Trump Nominations for Lawyers at Key Agencies

9月 11, 2017

O’Melveny partner Steve Bunnell was quoted in a September 11, 2017, Buzzfeed article that examines the slow pace at which the Trump administration is nominating lawyers for top posts at defense and intelligence agencies. Bunnell was general counsel for the US Department of Homeland Security under President Obama. 

“[I]mmigration enforcement and policy—a priority for the Trump administration—are a major part of the top lawyer’s portfolio,” Buzzfeed noted.

“Immigration issues tend to be pretty law-heavy,” Bunnell told Buzzfeed. “There’s a lot of litigation around it. The statutes and the regulations are very complicated and so there’s a lot of lawyer involvement.”  

The Homeland Security general counsel also serves as an arbiter for disagreements among lawyers at US Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and US Citizenship and Immigration Services, he noted.

Based in Washington, DC, Bunnell’s practice spans many of the most pressing issues facing businesses today, including cybersecurity and privacy, criminal antitrust, healthcare fraud, money laundering and financial institutions fraud, securities fraud, and FCPA and False Claims Act matters.