CBS Evening News: People Renew Their DACA Application

October 01, 2018

On its national broadcast September 30th, the CBS Evening News featured a pro bono legal clinic hosted by O’Melveny. The event offered free legal assistance to undocumented Dreamers hoping to renew their DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) permits. O’Melveny welcomed more than 20 Dreamers to the firm’s San Francisco office, along with attorneys from other participating law firms. The event was organized by O’Melveny, O’Melveny client Ford Motor Company, and San Francisco nonprofit Legal Services for Children, which pre-identified and selected the Dreamers.

The CBS segment includes interviews with DACA recipient Michelle Yoon and O’Melveny associate Ashish Sudhakaran, an immigrant who volunteered at the clinic.

Clip courtesy of CBS News