CBS This Morning: Outreach Program Exposes Underserved Youth to High-Powered Industries

May 30, 2019

In its May 25 broadcast, CBS This Morning reported on O’Melveny’s partnership with Legal Outreach, a New York City non-profit that helps underprivileged high school girls achieve their career goals.

O’Melveny’s New York Women’s Affinity Group has supported Legal Outreach’s young women for several years. In March, O’Melveny hosted a special seminar for dozens of Legal Outreach students, with several O’Melveny lawyers serving as mentors.

Partner Leah Godesky led the firm’s involvement and was interviewed by CBS News.

“These are high school freshmen who are going to leave… with contacts at a major law firm in New York filled with women who want to help and support them,” Godesky said.

Godesky and the rest of the O’Melveny volunteers guided the students through workshops on how to introduce themselves, how to network, how to make worthwhile small talk, and how to dress for success. Godesky said she believes confidence was the most important takeaway.

“That’s really what we’re looking to instill in these girls, so that when they walk into their internship or they walk into their first job interview, their shoulders are back, their chin is up, and they’re looking at someone right in the eye and ready to… grab that opportunity,” Godesky told CBS News.

View the segment here or below. Clip courtesy of CBS News / CBS This Morning.