CBS This Morning: Parents Concerned Internet-connected Toys Put Kids’ Privacy at Risk

December 26, 2018

In its December 22 broadcast, CBS This Morning reported on growing concerns that some of the high-tech gadgets that may be given as presents this holiday season can put children’s privacy at risk through data collection, tracking, monitoring, and recording.

O’Melveny special counsel Scott Pink, a former general counsel for a major media company who focuses on privacy and cybersecurity law, was consulted for the report. 

“These devices often include terms of use and privacy policies that allow the collection of data from users—including data from kids,” says Pink.  

Pink points to a new California law slated to take effect in January 2020 that requires a manufacturer of a connected device to equip the device with security features that protect the device and any information contained in it from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. In the meantime, he notes, the best way for parents to protect their families is to pay attention to each high-tech gadget’s privacy policy. 

“Smart toys can be a lot of fun for families, but parents must be smarter than the toys,” says Pink, who also discusses the topic in the Law360 article “Smart Toys Under The Tree Raise Privacy Concerns.”

Clip courtesy of “CBS This Morning” / CBS