Law360: Coronavirus Q&A- O’Melveny’s Health Practice Chair

April 03, 2020

Law360 interviewed David Deaton, partner and chair of the O’Melveny’s Health Care practice group, as a part of its “Coronavirus Q&A” series.

“We have a range of clients that we typically wouldn't see,” Deaton told the publication, regarding recent coronavirus-related work. “Gov. [Gavin] Newsom in California asked his team to pull together the right folks to bring online a hospital that had been shut down in bankruptcy in Los Angeles. And there was another hospital in the Bay Area that was significantly underutilized and also in bankruptcy. The governor's team turned to us in March to put together a deal and work through all the logistics.”

Deaton continued: “It was a project you would expect to take many months. Things that would normally take weeks were taking hours. I've never [experienced] the kind of collaboration that existed among the regulators, the governor's office, the lawyers for all of the various parties.”

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