Corporate Counsel: O’Melveny Launches New Corporate-Facing Online Legal Resource

November 04, 2020

O’Melveny launched new microsite “The Boardroom” to provide relevant information to corporate leaders as they navigate the current business landscape, Corporate Counsel reported. The Boardroom will aggregate specific written material, podcasts, and videos produced by the firm’s lawyers.

John Hodder, O’Melveny’s Managing Director of Marketing and Business Development, told the publication that the site aims to be “mindful of what [clients’] interests are, what they are looking for advice [on], and then marrying that up with what we’re able to provide them.”

Pam Miller, a partner and member of O’Melveny’s management team, added that clients have expressed a desire for the firm to be proactive in looking out for their interests. “We always hear from our clients that they want their trusted advisers to be looking around the corner. They want to hear what’s coming around the pike that we flag for them before it kind of lands on their desk and that I think is what The Boardroom is trying to accomplish,” Miller said.

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