Dellinger Discusses Future of Supreme Court in LA Times

October 04, 2016

O’Melveny partner Walter Dellinger was quoted in the October 3, 2016, issue of the Los Angeles Times. The article, “Divided Supreme Court Opens New Term That Could Bring Historic Shift,” explores how the result of the upcoming presidential election will determine the ideological direction of what is now an evenly split court. Dellinger, a former acting solicitor under President Bill Clinton, considered what the addition of a liberal justice would mean.

“No matter who a Democratic president appointed, the center of gravity would be with [Justices] Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan,” Dellinger said. “This is not a court that is likely to set about overturning precedents.”

Dellinger is an influential authority on appellate and Supreme Court decisions, lending his experience as a former Solicitor General and decades of legal knowledge to amicus briefs, a multitude of pro bono clients, and public and private companies involved in bet-the-company litigation.