Donilon Discusses US Global Leadership Role at Aspen Institute

August 04, 2017

O’Melveny senior of counsel Tom Donilon served on an August 4, 2017, panel of former national security advisors that discussed the United States’ global leadership role. The panel, hosted by the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado, and featured on C-Span, examined US relations with its allies, as well as the threats posed by Russia, China, and North Korea. 

The event featured Susan Rice, who, like Donilon, served in the Obama Administration, and Condoleezza Rice and Stephen Hadley, who served under President George W. Bush, in conversation with Nicholas Burns, professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

A leading national security expert with an extensive global network, Donilon has deep experience in geopolitics, cybersecurity, financial services, and corporate governance.