CNET: Drone Swarms in 3 States Prompt FAA, FBI Investigation of Mystery

January 09, 2020

Data Security & Privacy counsel John Dermody was quoted in this article, which discusses the concerns surrounding recent drone swarms spotted in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.

“Drones can be operated with limited infrastructure and relative anonymity, and they can pose a real threat,” Dermody said. “Counter drone efforts continue to be a priority for the federal government, but solutions are often difficult to implement.”

Dermody joined O’Melveny after a decade in government service, recently serving as a deputy legal advisor at the National Security Council. He advises clients on data security, privacy, cybersecurity, and national security issues, including economic sanctions and national security reviews of investments and technology transactions conducted by the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense, the Treasury, State, and Commerce.

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