Fantini’s Public Policy Review: Sports Gambling: Federalism and Potential Federal Legislation

August 06, 2018

O’Melveny partner Irwin Raij, and associates John Brent Hill and Marjorie B. Truwit co-authored an article on sports gambling following the Supreme Court’s decision in Murphy v. NCAA. They analyze the different ways states have legalized sports betting since the decision and cover potential issue areas that are likely to increase pressure for federal regulation. With differing state legalization regimes, key stakeholders are calling for federal legislation to establish a framework for sports gambling. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Senator Orrin Hatch are a few of those discussing the need for federal intervention. Raij, Hill and Truwit note that federal legislation may address: anti-money laundering and corruption, cryptocurrency, consumer and league protection, media rights, data privacy and federal securities laws.