Forbes SportsMoney: Sports Betting with Irwin Raij

February 19, 2019

O’Melveny partner and Sports Industry Group co-chair Irwin Raij spoke to Forbes SportsMoney for a segment on sports gambling featured on the YES Network. Raij, a lead member of the firm’s interdisciplinary task force formed to advise clients on how to best navigate the new legal terrain in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s May 2018 decision permitting states to legalize sports gambling, notes:

“It's a fascinating time right now in the sports space ... We know lots of people are watching carefully and it's a tremendous opportunity to drive revenue that's going to drive valuations and other opportunities for the leagues and actually not just the leagues, the players, the gaming association, the municipalities, the governments. There’s a tremendous revenue opportunity for everyone in the chain.”

Watch the full segment below, or here.