Gray Discusses Travel Ban on Pod Save America

June 15, 2017

O’Melveny partner and former White House lawyer Danielle Gray discussed the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on the Trump administration’s travel ban on the June 15, 2017, episode of the podcast, Pod Save America. Gray noted that unlike earlier court rulings, which found the travel ban was unconstitutional, the ninth circuit’s ruling invalidated the travel ban on statutory grounds.

“That’s important because many people who study the Supreme Court and are looking ahead to how the Supreme Court might deal with this believe that the statutory arguments against the executive order might be a more appealing ground for invalidating it than actually having to say that the president acted unconstitutionally,” Gray said.

Based in New York and Washington, DC, Gray draws on her high-level government experience and private practice background to counsel financial services institutions, health-care companies, educational institutions, and companies from a range of industries.