Harlem World Magazine Profiles O’Melveny’s NY Scholarship Program

June 07, 2017

Harlem World Magazine’s June 7, 2017, story featured three impressive students from Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem who were recently awarded O’Melveny Scholarships at the 15th Annual New York Scholarship Awards ceremony. 

According to the article, O’Melveny partner Jeff Kohn presented the awards to Mastan Diop, who immigrated to Harlem from Mali and dreams of returning to open a free pediatric clinic; trailblazer Jade Roman, who spearheaded a petition to include more Latino history in her school’s curriculum; and Serah McKenzie, who is resolute in her goal to become an OB-GYN so she can help women navigate the life-altering transition to motherhood.

New York office head Kohn is incredibly active with the New York scholarship program and represents clients in a broad range of employment and labor law disputes.