The Washington Post: He Earned $400,000 from Private Clients. But DC Council Member Jack Evans Couldn’t Explain What He Did for the Money.

November 20, 2019

Partners David Leviss and Steve Bunnell testified at a DC City Council hearing detailing the O’Melveny-led investigation into council member Jack Evans’ alleged misconduct, the Washington Post reported.

In one instance, Bunnell questioned Evans about several phone calls between Evans and one of his clients, the Washington Post wrote. “Do you remember the substance of any of those phone conversations?” he asked. “Unfortunately I don’t,” Evans replied. “I just maybe talked to him, you know, ‘What’s going on’ type of thing in the region, et cetera.”

In another instance, the publication reported that Leviss asked Evans if he provided a squash company with services beyond participating in regular conference calls regarding locating sponsors and a potential site for a tournament. “I went down and played squash,” Evans replied. “So I was going to be part of this tournament in a way, but I don’t know the role I would play.”