Keynote Speech by O'Melveny's Donilon at Korean CEO Forum Receives Widespread Coverage

September 26, 2014

O’Melveny & Myers partner Tom Donilon's keynote remarks at The Korea International Trade Association's (KITA) 88th CEO Forum were covered in multiple media outlets in Korea including EToday, Chosun Biz, NEWSis, and News1 Korea.

At the meeting, Donilon spoke about how the US-ROK alliance plays an important role in stability and prosperity in East Asia and around the world. He said a modernized US-ROK alliance can prevent threats and should improve participation in the FTA and TPP pursuing economic cooperation. Regarding the question of prioritizing North and South economic cooperation and development verses North Korea’s nuclear issue, Donilon said, “it is more important to establish common goals between two parties in order to solidify cooperation based on increased dialogue and better communication.”

Donilon is Vice-Chair of O’Melveny and resides in the Firm’s Washington, DC office.