LA Times Quotes Walter Dellinger on Transgender Rights

May 13, 2016

O’Melveny partner Walter Dellinger was quoted in the May 13, 2016 Los Angeles Times story, “Administration’s Push for Transgender Rights Likely To Succeed, Perhaps with a Boost from Scalia.”

The article looks at how the Obama administration’s chances in applying equal-rights laws to the transgender community, noting that in states like North Carolina, which the Department of Justice is taking to court over its so-called “bathroom bill,” the issue has become the next “frontier of civil rights law.”

Dellinger, whom the article observed is a North Carolinian and the former solicitor general under Clinton, said he expected the state to lose its battle with the Justice Department.

“The courts have interpreted the ban on sex discrimination very broadly,” he told the paper. “I’m reasonably confident the 4th Circuit will strike down HB 2 because it reflects hostility to transgender people.”