Law Technology News Highlights O’Melveny’s Knowledge Management Systems

March 30, 2015 The development of O’Melveny & Myers’ new firmwide litigation playbook tool, OMMLit, is detailed in the article, “Big Law Brings Big Knowledge Management,” which appears in the February 27, 2015, edition of Law Technology News.  O’Melveny’s managing director of information Jeff Rovner spoke with the publication about the road to launching O’Melveny’s newest knowledge management resource.

The report explains that OMMLit is built on the Firm’s intranet system, ommni, which Rovner's team designed “to give every client, matter, practice group, and person a page—all woven together by a user-friendly search interface.”  The popularity of ommni within the Firm gave rise to OMMLit, which Rovner describes as our “crowd-sourced” guide to litigation.

OMMLit grew out of a larger litigation efficiency project led by O'Melveny Vice-Chair Mark Samuels.  As discussed in the article, OMMLit is designed to accomplish several goals.  It helps the manager of a case to delegate any given task to the most appropriate timekeeper role.  It provides each timekeeper with the list of litigation tasks they are expected to be able to perform effectively, and shows how those tasks fit into the full chronology of the case.  And it provides just-in-time training on the firm's smartest and most efficient way to perform a given task, while constantly soliciting more efficient methods.  Ultimately, OMMLit will enable O’Melveny to serve clients with even greater care and efficiency than before.