Law Technology Today Recognizes O’Melveny IP Attorney Beasley for Computer Programming Background

October 11, 2016

The October 11, 2016, Law Technology Today story “Legal Education Matches Made in Heaven” recognizes O’Melveny intellectual property lawyer Tony Beasley for his background in computer programming and what it offers his clients.

“I grew up in the early days of the Internet and was very interested in computer programming and web design in middle school and high school,” said Beasley, who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a focus on database programming and information structures. “I read an article about the lack of lawyers with computer programming backgrounds. I knew I liked technology and that I liked to write, and I thought it might be a good fit.”

Beasley is a counsel in O’Melveny’s Los Angeles office and focuses his practice on intellectual property litigation. He has experience in many areas of technology, including semiconductors, graphic processing, memory, consumer electronics, medical devices, avionics, financial trading systems, and oil and gas drilling systems.