Law360: MVP - O’Melveny’s Daniel Petrocelli

October 16, 2020

O’Melveny partner Dan Petrocelli has been named a “Media & Entertainment MVP” by Law360.

Petrocelli is recognized for prevailing for Twentieth Century Fox in litigation against Netflix over its “brazen campaign” to recruit Fox executives, and securing the dismissal of all claims in the half-billion-dollar multidistrict litigation against boxer Manny Pacquiao surrounding the “Fight of the Century.”

“These are issues that manifest themselves in all industries, not just entertainment. A deal is a deal,” Petrocelli said.

Originally a music major at UCLA, Petrocelli aspired to be a professional trumpeter among the likes of Doc Severinsen, Don Ellis, and Al Hirt. When he realized that might not work out, he switched plans, attended law school at night while working at a bank, and eventually began his career as a litigator, a path he’s continued for 40 years. “It’s the best decision that I’ve ever made, given how I just sort of fell into it,” Petrocelli said.

“Lawyers are wannabe performers at heart,” Petrocelli told Law360. “The courtroom at times is a stage. As a trial lawyer, cross-examining a critical witness, or making a closing argument, the floor is yours.”

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