Law360 and Daily Journal Cover O’Melveny Win in Carson City Rent Rule Suit

May 05, 2016

Law360 and the Daily Journal recently reported O’Melveny’s win on behalf of the owner of a mobile home park in his rent battle against the City of Carson, Calif.

As the publications noted, a federal jury found May 5, 2016 that the city had infringed on the owner James Goldstein’s constitutional rights in imposing retroactive rent restrictions, awarding Goldstein US$3.3 million for years of lost income.

“We are pleased with the jury’s thoughtful consideration of the constitutional rights of a property owner,” O’Melveny partner Matthew Close, who represented Goldstein along with O’Melveny counsel Dimitri Portnoi, said in a statement that was reported by Law360. “The victory proves that under the previous leadership of Mayor [Jim] Dear the city of Carson acted unfairly and unconstitutionally.”