Law360: Despite Progress, Firms Still Slow To Track LGBT Data

七月 07, 2019

In an industrywide survey conducted by Law360, some 260 firms provided data regarding the numbers of LGBT lawyers in their ranks. Some 2.9% of attorneys and 2% of equity partners at these firms identified as LGBT. Five firms did not disclose their LGBT data and 65 firms said they do not collect such data because it isn’t required by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Mary Ellen Connerty, O’Melveny’s director of Diversity and Engagement, said that, “some firms might be worried about the confidentiality of the data and whether its disclosure could put attorneys at risk in countries where being LGBT is illegal.”

She added: “We try to be careful with the data, and if there is any risk, we’ve decided the risk is worth it to be responsive to this population,” she said. “It’s much more important to know what this population is thinking, what it needs and how we can be responsive.”