Law360: What Health Attys Are Bracing For As Virus Rages Nationwide

12月 04, 2020

O’Melveny counsel Elizabeth Bock spoke with Law360 about the latest surge in COVID-19 cases throughout the United States and the legal issues stemming from the increased pressure placed on hospitals and health care providers, including dwindling capacity and insufficient staffing. “The cold-weather wave of COVID-19 cases crashing over America will be a defining moment for health care attorneys, who are scrambling to shore up hospital workforces and navigate two presidential administrations' pandemic plans,” the article noted.

The publication reported that roughly 100,000 Americans are now hospitalized with COVID-19—the highest count seen since the start of the pandemic. “We are continuing to see a concerning increase in the pressure on the health care delivery system across hospital systems and other providers,” Bock told Law360.

One such pressure is the increasing demand for caregivers as infections continue to grow exorbitantly across much of the country. “Because the number of medical personnel is finite, individuals who can travel are more likely to take opportunities with hospitals and in cities that can absorb the higher rates,” Bock said. “This will lead to staffing shortages throughout the country and particularly in rural areas.”

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