Law360: Meet The Attorneys Facing Off In The Oklahoma Opioid Trial

五月 24, 2019

O’Melveny partner Sabrina Strong is highlighted in this Law360 article about the lawyers involved in a landmark trial over the pharmaceutical industry’s responsibility for the opioid crisis in Oklahoma. Strong is representing Johnson & Johnson.

The piece notes that Strong was part of the team that successfully defended live entertainment giant AEG in a US$1.5 billion suit brought by pop star Michael Jackson's heirs.

A former colleague interviewed for the story noted that “multiple judges who were observing the Jackson trial said that Strong was the best trial lawyer in that courtroom.” He added that Strong is “both intelligent and personable, and has skills that shine in a multiple-defendant case that requires coordination between teams of attorneys.”

“She's very smart and very focused. She seems to focus on what's important,” he said.

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