Law360: MVP: O’Melveny’s John Rapisardi

November 28, 2018

O’Melveny partner John Rapisardi has been selected by Law360 as one of its “2018 Bankruptcy MVPs.” In his profile, Rapisardi discusses his biggest accomplishments, current challenges, proudest moment, and advice for junior attorneys.

Rapisardi’s biggest accomplishment and challenge of 2018 has been his work guiding the Puerto Rican government through its $120 billion restructuring.

“This is the largest, most complex restructuring in history, coupled with a Category 5 hurricane. It’s been a monumental undertaking every step of the way. We were very gratified to see the consensual restructuring deal for the GDP come together though, which will help move the entire restructuring forward,” Rapisardi said. “At the same time, on the litigation front, we were able to convince the court to recognize the importance of the government’s role in the restructuring, and I think we came away with some very important wins in that arena.”

Rapisardi emphasized that these successes could not have been achieved without the hard work of his colleagues at O’Melveny, Suzzanne Uhland, Nancy Mitchell, and Peter Friedman.