Law360: MVP: O’Melveny’s Nancy Mitchell

12월 03, 2019

O’Melveny partner Nancy Mitchell was named by Law360 as one of its 2019 “Bankruptcy MVPs.” In her profile, Mitchell discussed her biggest accomplishment of 2019, most notable deals, writing a bill, and her path to becoming a bankruptcy lawyer.

This year, Mitchell and her team scored a major victory in PREPA’s US$125 billion restructuring by securing a deal with some of its creditors to restructure US$8 billion worth of bonds.

Mitchell is also a member of the “strike force” Governor Newsom assembled after PG&E filed for US$30 billion in bankruptcy. In July, Governor Newsom signed a bill into law that Mitchell had partially written. “That was an awesome day,” Mitchell said. “It’s been one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever done, because what I’m being asked to do is driven by public policy concerns as much as financial outcome.”

Read Mitchell’s full profile here.