Law360: MVP: O’Melveny’s Robert Siegel

December 03, 2018

O’Melveny partner Bob Siegel was selected by Law360 as one of its “2018 Transportation MVPs.”

In his profile, Siegel discussed his biggest accomplishment of 2018, why he works in transportation law, his proudest career moment, and advice for junior attorneys.

This year, Siegel represented American Airlines following the integration of American and TWA’s operations and workforces. The case was significant because it “cleared up gray areas in the relatively untested McCaskill-Bond Amendment to the Federal Aviation Act.” 

“A Third Circuit decision is a pretty big accomplishment for the airline industry because we got it clarified that the law requires a fair and equitable arbitration process between the pilots, but it doesn’t require more than a fair and equitable process,” Seigel said. 

Siegel’s advice to junior attorneys emphasizes learning about the industry in addition to the law. 

“If your client is in the airline industry, or a defense contractor, or a railroad, you become a much more valuable adviser if you understand not only the law, but the business you are actually helping them make decisions in,” Siegel said. “I think I have done that with the airline industry. It’s very valuable for the clients, and I think it makes young lawyers’ jobs more intriguing, because they can be part of the strategy as well as the legal principles.”