Law360: Project Finance Group of the Year - O’Melveny

12月 15, 2020

O’Melveny is named among Law360’s 2020 Project Finance Groups of the Year. The publication noted that the group helped several airlines—including Delta, United, and American—raise billions of dollars for infrastructure improvements in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic’s deep toll on the industry.

Along with its work in the aviation space, the group also helped clients in higher education and renewable energy achieve continued progress amid uncertainty. “We had no idea we would be in this position 11 months into the year, but when you look at how we adapted to and were able to bring success to our clients, it’s something we were very, very pleased with,” Project Finance & Development group co-chair Eric Richards told the publication. Partner Denise Raytis, who helped JP Morgan Securities underwrite more than $2.5 billion in tax-exempt and taxable bonds for the University of California, added that working on deals for nonprofits, colleges, and museums felt especially important during the pandemic. “I feel proud to be part of…the cutting edge of recognizing and addressing some of these very important issues that are raised by the pandemic, but I also sympathize with my clients because it has been a very long year for them,” Raytis said.

Partner Junaid Chida focused on renewable energy projects such as the US$163 million financing for the construction of the 189 MW Mountain Breeze wind project in Colorado. He noted that once the market adjusted to the initial shock of the pandemic, “it was gangbusters again on the energy front.”

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