Law360: Public Defender System In Nevada Poised For Reforms

August 16, 2020

O’Melveny lawyers Maggie Carter and Matt Cowan, working alongside the Nevada ACLU, helped negotiate a class-action settlement that will ensure poor criminal defendants in rural Nevada counties receive adequate legal representation, Law360 reported. The article references Jason Enox, a plaintiff in the class action suit who was charged with drug-related offenses in 2017 that could have resulted in life in prison. The defense attorney arranged by the state of Nevada allegedly did so little work he was reprimanded by the judge.

“For our criminal justice system to be fair and to be something in which all people have confidence, it has to work for everyone,” Carter said. “We think [this case] is an important step forward.”

“Making a real difference at the state or even national level is something that is engrained in our firm values,” Cowan added. “It was such a positive experience.”

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