Law360 Quotes Raij on St. Louis’ Efforts to Recover Money Over Rams Departure

April 25, 2017

Law360’s April 25, 2017, article “St. Louis Hits Back at Rams With Long-Shot Suit Over Move” quoted O’Melveny sports co-chair Irwin Raij about the efforts the city of St. Louis is making to recover money it spent trying to keep the Rams from leaving the city. 

“When it comes to relocation of a club, you have a lot of passion, a lot of anger, a lot of emotion that comes with it. So people try a lot of things,” Raij said in the article. “I think right now [St. Louis] is throwing things in the air to see what, if anything, will stick.”

New York partner Raij has extensive experience advising clients on a range of sports business issues in both the professional and collegiate levels.