Law360: Stay In Your Lane, High Court Tells Feds In Bridgegate

May 08, 2020

O’Melveny supreme court and appellate chair Jon Hacker is quoted in this Law360 article discussing the US Supreme Court’s Bridgegate ruling. The high court unanimously overturned the convictions of gubernatorial aide Bridget Anne Kelly and former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey executive William E. Baroni Jr., ruling the pair’s scheme to limit a New Jersey town’s access to the George Washington Bridge did not qualify as wire fraud, Law360 noted. Hacker said that he expects one outcome from the Bridgegate case to be prosecutors becoming more careful in how they word charges in future cases. “In any of these property fraud cases, it is now going to be critical how the government defines the object of the offense," Hacker said, noting the Supreme Court’s distinction between incidental costs and property that is the target of the fraud. “In every case, that distinction is going to depend heavily on how you define the object of the scheme. And that is going to be true in private and public cases.”

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